A Quick and Easy Fall Gift

My favorite time of the year is full of the most fun and festive goodies. Once the stores start putting out all of the fall decor and home accents, I can't help myself. I want all of it! So instead of buying it all for myself, I decided to spoil my friends. I put together two of these gift baskets for my besties who both have September birthdays.

It all started with this wooden, polka dot crate. I saw it on the shelf in Target yelling, or better yet, screaming my name. It's so Simply Sarah Style. I had to have it...uh, had to have it for my friends, that is.

From there, I started brainstorming all of the things I could put it in the box. Within a few steps, I stumbled upon Target's fall kitchen display, so I picked out a kitchen towel featuring a recipe for pumpkin pancakes and spatula. This fall goody box was starting to come together.

Then I discovered the end cap display of seasonal party supplies. Cue the "hello fall" napkins and Cheeky plates.  (Got to love those Target end caps! They get me every time, and I'm sure I'm not alone.)

I saw some pumpkin spiced caramels and thought, "What the heck...throw those in too!"

I still had room in this cute, little crate, so I included some of my favorite soap from Bath & Body Works. To top it off, I added fall foliage and curly ribbon.

It's so easy to find fabulous fall things. Curated together they make a great basket of goodies that I was proud to present at my friends' birthday dinner on the first day of fall. Here's to the start of all things pumpkin and plenty of fall favs!

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  1. I love this! And that pumpkin pancakes towel is awesome; I may need one for myself :-P


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