One of my go-to girly gifts: Hand-painted bracelets by Stacy Brown Designs

Girls - I have to let you in one of my most beloved gift ideas. I am absolutely in love with these hand-painted monogrammed bracelets by Stacy Brown. They are are stunning! They're truly one-of-a-kind and make the perfect gift for birthday girls, brides and mommas of new babies. 

I received my first Stacy Brown bracelet from my aunt shortly after I was married and was head over heels in love with the black and white striped design. (Get a sneak peak of my bracelet here.)

In fact, I love this concept so much that my friend and I went in together and ordered the set above for another friend who just turned 30 and welcomed baby #2. We selected the large wooden bracelet showcasing her initials (LD) and then the smaller bangle as a mommy bracelet featuring the names of her two children (Brooklyn and Weston). 

And I didn't stop there...I ended up ordering another as a college graduation gift. See what I selected for this University of Cincinnati grad here

I promise this is one gift that will always be treasured. 

Anyone else big Stacy Brown fans?

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