What I Didn't Show You in My Last Bargains & Buyouts Post

Since Bargains & Buyouts has been such a hot topic on Simply Sarah Style lately, I thought I would share a few items that caught my eye during my last visit to the store in February. While I only brought home one piece during this visit, I wanted to pack up so much more. If only I had a bigger car... or a semi truck!

Here are some of my favorites from my last visit...

This four piece patio set was reasonably priced. It was significantly more affordable than what you would find on Wayfair or even at Target. In fact, I think it was around the $400 mark. Plus, you could negotiate them down. If I had a bigger vehicle, this set would have came home with me too.

I seriously debated on purchasing this bookcase. There are so many ways you could bring this piece life. See styling examples here and here. In fact, the bookcase in the second example is the exact same style as this one, just a different finish.

This foot stool is dreamy. Imagine two of these at the end of your bed. You could sit there in the morning when putting your shoes on or it could serve as surface space for dropping your bag or even laying out your outfit. So stunning!

I thought this set was perfect for an office or along side of a fireplace. They definitely have a manly feel, but I think you could girly them up if you wanted.

Oh, I loved this piece. What a classic dresser! You could think beyond the bedroom and use this piece in an entryway or a dining room. Heck, with its long shape, you could even use it as your TV stand/console.

I saved the best for last. This queen-sized tufted headboard was the showstopper of the day. You would feel like a queen with a piece this spectacular. It would make quite the statement in your bedroom. I see this piece really coming to life in a bedroom with gray walls.

Well, that wraps up my mini tour of Bargains & Buyouts. Have you visited the store yet? Which was your favorite piece?

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