DIY Wedding Band Workshops with Gem Steady

Today's post is about a DIY project. This project is taking "DIY" to a whole new level! I would have never dreamed that the average bride and groom would have an opportunity to partake in such an activity.

You might recall my Q&A feature with jewelry designer Brittany Stadtmiller from Gem Steady. Brittany is a local designer doing big business on a global scale. She designs stunning custom pieces while her husband brings her visions to life. While she sells a sample of necklaces, earrings and rings on her site, the majority of her business comes from personalized orders where clients select the gems and guide the design process.

Because custom pieces are so popular, Brittany and her husband Bobby decided to introduce DIY Wedding Band Workshops. The Workshops will take place in their new studio, which is located in Oakley. Couples can spend the day with Brittany and Bobby designing and creating their own custom bands.

Some her designs look just like my own wedding band! Could you imagine taking part in the creation process for your own ring? What a precious memory! 

I thought this was a unique concept that will make the wedding process even more special! What do you think? Would you want to do it? 

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