Q&A with Gem Steady Jewelry Designer Brittany Stadtmiller

Today, we're chatting with local jewelry designer, Brittany Stadtmiller, of Gem Steady. Brittany grew up in the Northern Kentucky area, but then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to explore new interest and gather inspiration for her jewelry line, Gem Steady. Since then, her and her husband's line of gem-inspired jewelry has taken off. 

Q. What's the meaning behind the name Gem Steady? 

Brittany: I made up the term 'Gem Steady' first as a way to express how awesome someone felt and to express a positive attitude. It was initially my motto in my practice as a life-coach, but has turned into more of a brand name. You can read the Gem Steady official definition here.

Q. Where do you draw inspiration when designing your collection?

Brittany: I would say 90% of what we make are custom orders. I like to speak with my clients one on one to get a feel for their vision, and then input my ideas from there. A lot of the time people ask us to just do what we want and get creative with it. This is a lot of fun, because we can really let our imaginations run wild. I think we draw inspiration mainly from the stone. We love featuring the gem and playing up its character.


Q. On average, how long does it take to craft a Gem Steady piece? 

Brittany: That really depends on what we're dealing with. My husband hand-makes every single setting. If it's a piece he's really excited about, he might be able to bust it out in a couple of days.  If it's a design he's trying to perfect or is unsure of it, it might take a few weeks.

Before we started on the jewelry-making venture, I had no idea how much went into making a piece. Even the most simply, basic ring can take hours in just sanding, polishing and filing alone.

Q. Do you welcome custom orders? 

Brittany: Absolutely! A majority of our work is from custom orders. We've been doing TONS of engagement rings recently, and that is really special. Someone will see something they like on our Facebook or Instagram page and then contact me with their vision. It's a lot of fun.

Q. What are your three most popular gems

Brittany: The top three would have to be:
  • Moldavite is definitely my favorite. It's a super rare stone only found in the Czech Republic. It formed as a result of a meteorite crash 14 million years ago and is thought to possess extra terrestrial powers. 
  • Herkimer diamonds are super popular for us. They're a type of quartz, and are said to enhance clairvoyance and psychic abilities among other things.
  • Citrine is another personal favorite. It is one of the only stones that is able to dissolve negative energy. It is used to manifest money and abundance :)

Q. Where is your biggest customer base?

Brittany: Besides the US, we ship lots of stuff to Australia. Actually, our first online sale was for someone in Australia. Besides that, we have a nice following in Hong Kong, and have sent rings and things to places all over the globe, including France, Brazil, Canada, Ireland and Mexico.

Want to see more from Brittany's collection? 
Be sure to check out her Etsy shop.

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