A Monster Bash - Jacob's First Birthday Party

Last year, my best friend, Julia, hosted a playful monster bash to celebrate her son's first birthday which fell the weekend before Halloween. Since it was so close to Halloween last year, I decided to hold the photos and share them this year.

Julia selected an orange, lime green, blue and black color scheme and relied on the oh so popular chevron print as an accent. In the picture below, she used wrapping paper as a table runner. I'm a big supporter of this practice and suggest it to everyone I work with when planning children's birthday parties. It makes for super simple cleanup!

Who knew googley eyes could be so fun? Just glue those suckers on a variety of products and you have little "monsters."

She featured several desserts - cake, cupcakes and homemade cookies. 

The monster cookies were an easy addition. Just tint sugar cookie dough with food coloring and add candy eyes. 

She incorporated son's one year photos and asked guests to share their well wishes on a mat to frame as a keepsake. 

She provided coloring pages on each table to keep younger guests entertained. 

I felt it was only fitting to decorate my gift bag. A little card stock and double-sided tape went a long way in creating this lighthearted monster. 

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