Homearama at Carriage Hill Recap (Part 1)

This past weekend, we headed to Homearama at Carriage Hill, which was prefect timing for decorating ideas as we recently moved into a new home! It's been a big week here in NKY. Between moving and preparing to turn 30 this coming weekend, it has been quite busy. None the less, we are excited to begin a new adventure in a new home!

A new home means a whole new decorating plan.

On that note, let's get to the inspiration!

The Homes

The home below definitely had a Pottery Barn-feel. I'm sure you get the vibe just from the exterior. Our condo was very Pottery Barn, so I'm looking forward to breaking out a little and trying something different.

This one had quite the European flavor, which I didn't think I would like. I actually ended up loving a lot of design decisions in this home.

This one reminded me of an office building from the 1980's. It was ultra modern inside though. Not my taste, but interesting to explore.

This last one was ultra stately. I envision a celebrity residing here.

My Favorite Takeaways 

We are in need of a nice entryway table. I kept thinking about the half moon shape of this one.

Let's take a second to think about your dream patio. Mine would definitely have a luscious covered patio area. I truly enjoyed the thought of these built-in grill features.

Now onto a furniture pieces that caught my eye.

The bookcase... gorgeous!

One stunning headboard!

I'll take this sectional.

 ... and this one.

Then I'll ask my husband to create me an authentic fire pit area just like this.

Now for my realistic take-home ideas...

I love the color scheme in this dining room - gold, kelly green and navy paired with neutrals. The colors are crisp and modern, but the furnishings balance out and add some sense of tradition to the room.

I fell in head over heels in love with this horse canvas. Growing up in horse country, this is piece of art that speaks to me. I'm going to make this happen in my house. You just wait and see. :) 

Oh, and here's one more equestrian-inspired piece.

Other Noteworthy Spaces 

Yes, that is indeed a massive telescope inside a home. 

A stunning staircase.

A memorable ceiling.

Plants for days.

Convenient storage.

Unique waterfall.

A b-ball court in the basement.

My favorite noteworthy find! One house featured the same faucet we have in our new home. This was a win in my mind. I'm happy to know I have the same kitchen faucet as a million dollar home.

Have you visited this year's Homearama yet? I would love to hear about your favorite finds!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it. Funny thing is that we live in NKY, too. Hoping you might be able to help me find the horse canvas in your post above. Any idea where it is from? Thanks!


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