Big Kid School Supplies: 2014 Edition

Awwwww...It's back to school time. With the pop up section of extra aisles filled with Sharpies, cute notebooks and Post-its, I'm in heaven. Pretty paper and nice pens make my heart flutter. These things make school (or work) much more pleasant, right?!? After all, you should surround yourself with what you love. ;) 

Even though I'm no longer a student, I still opt for stocking up on delightful desktop decor around this time of the year. Here are my top picks for savvy [big kid] school supplies: 

Washi Tape (because it's more fun than regular tape) | Gold Nate Berkus Scissors 
Orange Le Pen (because Le Pens are my most favorite writing utensil ever)

What supplies are you stocking up on now? 

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