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Lately, I've been dreaming of investing in some splurge pieces for my wardrobe. I recently watched a webinar - "19 Stylist Secrets to Saving Money without Sacrificing Style - by Hilary from Dean Street Society, a style and business consulting blog.

Hilary said to think of the "High Low Cocktail" when getting dressed. Mix a high-end item with budget-friendly items for balance.

I've been thinking of that High Low Cocktail recipe. I excel when it comes to bargain shopping, mainly because I find it hard to break down and spend a chunk of change. Although, I've always been a believer in the power of a statement handbag! One quality handbag will last you years, while a low cost handbag will only last you a season. I feel it's best to spend up front and have a durable piece people admire vs. spend $40 every season and have a handbag that breaks after regular wear. 

With the above being said, I've had my eye on several "splurge pieces." Here are a couple brands I think are splurge-worthy...

GiGi New York

I'm dying to get my very own monogrammed clutch. They offer so many colors that it is hard to decide which I would like need most. 

(Styled by The Sweetest Thing)
Investment: $165

Loren Hope 

Loren Hope pieces are breathtaking! Do you follow Loren on Instagram? I'm captivated by her stylized photos.

Investment: $78 each

Investment: $118 

Investment: $378

Hunter Boots

I received the "Jade" Hunter Boots as a gift and absolutely love them! They bring me so much happiness. I could totally rock them every day. I'm starting to think I would also appreciate a black pair.

Investment: $140

Do you own any of these pieces? If so, I would love to hear your review. Are they worth the investment?

What are your favorite investment brands? 


  1. I've been wanting a Gigi clutch too! Saving my pennies :)

  2. Lelia - What color have you been crushing? They're all so gorgeous.

    Let's pray our pennies add up quick!


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