Shop for Free by Hosting a Swap Party

For the past couple years, I have had a yearning to host or attend a Swap Party. If you are thinking, "What is a Swap Party?" This is a party concept based on the idea that every guest brings five or more items they no longer use to swap with other guests. Essentially, everyone shops for free! As a guest, you are able to get rid of items you longer need, while coming home with fabulous new things. You can narrow the collection of items based on a category (e.g. clothing, books, accessories, home decor, etc.) or have a free for all.  

I recently hosted a Swap Party for friends from work, and thought I would share some of our ideas, so you too can host a swap of your own.


Everyone brought a side dish to share. As the hostess, I provided chocolate-covered pretzel party favors and chocolate-covered strawberries. I planned on making mini lasagna cups as a hot appetizer, but Ben purchased the wrong supplies. So, instead we had Papa John's pizza. (So classy.)

I also provided a spiked lemonade bar. Cocktail options included regular lemonade, strawberry lemonade or raspberry limeade with Little Black Dress vodka. Red and white wines as well as bottled water were provided as alternatives.

Shopping Supplies 

Party guests were welcomed to fill up shopping bags with their new goodies. I purchased a set of plain white gift bags and pink and black ribbon at Michael's. (Use the coupon here to get 40% off one item. They will even scan it from your phone.)

Shopping Center

I designated areas of my home as shopping zones for the different categories. Here is a snap shot of the "home" store.

Fabulous Finds 

Below, party guests, Kate, Carrie and Betsy, show off their shopping bags and fabulous finds.

Through the swap, I scored some pretty incredible pieces...
  1. LOFT Jacket (new with tags)
  2. Infinity Scarf
  3. Athropologie Top (new with tags)
  4. JCREW Bangle Bracelet
  5. LOFT Wallet

Does this get you wanting to shop somewhere for free? I encourage you to host a Swap Party of your own!


  1. Super fun idea! I can't believe your loot. Man, you definitely invited the right friends. ha!

  2. Sarah, I love this! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to host one of my own!

  3. What a fun idea, I love it!


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