How One Pair of Shoes Restored My Optimism

Lately, I have been feeling discouraged about wedding planning mainly due to the amount of money we are spending on this one day. Being a person who loves to throw a good party, one would assume that planning my wedding would be a joy and delight. Unfortunately, when it is your money and you are forced between item A and item B, instead of having both, it is not so fun. 

Fast forward to this past Saturday... My mom and I were shopping when she suggested we go into a local consignment shop. I resisted since I had just visited that store in a different location in town with no luck. (We ultimately had plans to go to Hobby Lobby. I was eager to get there and get my centerpiece shopping on.) Something inside me made me change my mind, so I pulled in the shop parking lot to make her happy. 

Once inside, I discovered a very glamorous pair of brand new champagne-colored high heels by Nina. I have been eyeing many Nina shoes for the wedding and thought this pair couldn't possibly be in my size. That would be too good to be true. Shockingly, they were a size 7... just my size! Even more shocking was the price. Only $10.99 and they fit!

I was so delighted to find such a fabulous deal at an unexpected place. It gave me hope that Ben and I can get through this planning period and throw a fabulous wedding without spending everything we own. It felt like a sign from God. I eagerly shared the news of the $10.99 wedding shoes with Ben. His response, "Only you would find God in a pair of shoes." (Lol. He knows his fashion-loving fiance well.)

It was truly a blessing that restored my faith in the fact that things are going to be okay. We will have a lovely wedding. We just need to shop around until we find the best deal on (almost) everything. And, shopping is one thing in which I definitely excel!

In closing, I thought this quote was only appropriate...

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  1. Beautiful shoes! Glad you found them!! I had a similar experience with my own shoes (and I also found wedding planning soooo stressful because of the money!). They were also Nina brand - found them at Shoe Carnival on clearance for $20 and all clearance shoes were buy one get one free! So then I got another pair for fun. And they were the perfect, pink with a flower, shoes!!! I then returned the ones I had bought at DSW for $50. I love it when God gives us little blessings like that :)

  2. God knew where to send you that blessing :). Keep at it! If you need help finding something or making something, I'm happy to help!

  3. Sarah - don't get discouraged! I bargain shopped my life away. The most expensive thing I wore on my wedding day were my $50 pair of shoes! You can do it!

  4. Those shoes are so gorgeous!!

    <3 Melissa


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