My Ultimate Celebrity Crush

So I found this comic on Facebook today and add to share it with all my friends. It is in regards to one of Luke Bryan's latest hits, "Country Girl Shake It For Me." Everyone who knows me knows that I am a BIG Luke Bryan fan, if not his #1 fan. I like to brag saying that I listened to Luke even before his songs were on the radio... and that is indeed a fact! A friend of mine went to UGA and would go see Luke Bryan at hole-in-the-wall bars in Georgia all the time. Luke eventually released his first song "All my friends say..." and it totally reminded me of my college days.

By the time he landed his first song on the radio, I knew  many of his songs by heart. I went to see him for the first time at the In & Out bar in Nashville and FELL IN LOVE. He sure is one great performer, who knows how to work the crowd.

All did I know, less than a year later, I would have my face-to-face Luke encounter...

Through a great connection, my friends and I were introduced to Luke at a concert and got to hang out with him backstage after one of his shows.  BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (besides when Ben proposed). He even whipped out his phone to call Kenny Chesney while I was with him (wow!), because he was touring with him at the time.

Come to find out, I would even be featured in a video on his website. Okay, not necessary a music video, but a LBTV (Luke Bryan TV web episodes) video.  See below.  Isn't that one awesome facial I am making in the freeze frame? The camera eventually gets handled off to me and I start filming the LBTV video.

Well I love Luke and have seen him in concert a gazillion times. I have even had the privileged of meeting up with him again.

(Who is that creepy girl in the background? Not sure.)
Anyway I love this guy!  He is a great entertainer who plays great music. I would love to be in Nashville this week for CMA Music Fest so I could take my chances of running into him again. Hope everyone there is having a great time!


  1. I love that you are a fellow Country Music fan! How fun for you to have met Luke Bryan! Hmmm...maybe we'll have to plan a trip to Vegas during the CMA's to see who we can run in to! ;)

    1. I would love more than anything to go to the CMAs! That would be one great trip with tons of star sightings.

  2. I love Luke and have seen him in concert a gazillion times.Great show

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