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Have you seen these beautifully dipped and dyed baskets showcased on the Martha Stewart site? It's crazy that a little bit of paint can make such a big impact.  Martha says just dip a basket into paint, let it dry and you're done.  Sounds easy enough.

via Martha Stewart
I recently stumbled across these other dip and dye projects.

via Homeroad 
via A Pair and A Spare
via Gracious Southern Living
After seeing the baskets above on Gracious Southern Living, I knew I could do this project in no time. I started with plain baskets that I purchased a long time ago from Home Goods. They were only $7.99 each. For that price, if I messed them up, it would be okay.

I pulled out an old gallon of white paint and went to town with a sponge brush. No tapping involved. I wanted quick and easy!

I let them dry for a little while...

And then popped them back into the shelve openings of my TV stand.

 It definitely added some pop and a more modern look. I love it!  Now my TV stand just needs an upgrade.  ;)
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  1. Love this!! Now, this DIY is one I think I can definitely handle. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I saw your link on Liz Marie's blog and had to visit!!! I haven't seen the dipped baskets before but love them now!! :) I've been picking up baskets lately and know they need _something_ but didn't want to paint them all over. This is perfect!! And, I love your method waaaayyyyyyyy better than dipping!! I can't even go there in my head!! It sounds awfully messy and wasteful. But painting? Perfecto!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! It's going on my To Do list now!! :)

  3. Love them! So easy too!


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