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The boyfriend is slowly, but surely decorating the yet-to-be-touched areas of his home.  Rooms left to decorate and enhance include the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. This weekend, we are going to tackle the bathroom which is currently a powder blue color...ick!  Our color of choice will be sage since the manly colors, blue and tan, are already featured in other rooms of his home. I love and appreciate that the boyfriend gives me free rein on the design ideas.  He has trusted my judgement on previous design decisions so this weekend I am going to play designer for the day.

Color variations for the bathroom include the following options:

Now the boyfriend will need to come visit Simply Sarah Style to vote for his favorite variation of sage.  I so look forward to turning his powder blue room into an relaxing oasis this weekend!

"Before" and "after" photos to come.

Feel free to leave a comment voting for your favorite hue/photo.  I know the boyfriend will appreciate the feedback.


  1. Ben PetraccoAugust 11, 2011

    "the boyfriend" here. I like the first photo with a darker green and an extremely dark accent color. The room gets a lot of light from a large window so a light color may looked "washed out" with the sun light. The room is a hideous powder blue color now and I can't wait to have it Simply Sarah Styled into a washroom I can be proud of. Any and all suggestions for the room are appreciated!

  2. I like the first or second one :) I think the second one best!

  3. ooooo! my favorite is the white bathroom! there is something so relaxing and clean about white... all the looks are great though, what wonderful finds!

    -Heather from


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