Last Remnants of Summer

A couple weeks ago, I joined the boyfriend and his family for a trip to Hilton Head. I had never been to Hilton Head before, but it seemed like the place to go this year. To date, I know four people from my office and three friends who visited there this summer.  

We stayed in a condo with a golf course view and lagoons down the drive.  We spotted numerous alligators in our plantation which provide much laid-back entertainment.  We also rode bikes (with cute baskets) everywhere. What a life it would be living in Hilton Head! I would love to ride my bike to the grocery, a movie or shopping.  Great exercise and cheap transportation!

Other highlights of the trip include our kayaking excursion paddling along dolphins and a day trip to the neighboring town of Savannah, Georgia.  I have seen dolphins at a distance in the ocean or up close at Sea World, but it is hard to describe the magic and awe of having dolphins swim so close to you while paddling in their natural habitat.  Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera on this excursion and regretted every moment of it.  Luckily, other people from our party brought theirs (see pictures below).  

Our trip to Savannah was memorable.  We took a trolley tour through Savannah as the guide provided insight on each historical marker and highlight.  Let me start my Savannah recap by saying that I would LOVE to live in this town.  I have always been a big history buff. I love all things vintage and ancient... especially historical homes.  I think most of my pictures from the trip consisted of houses and buildings in Savannah.  Each home was surrounded with perfectly manicured landscaping and featured supreme attention to architectural detail. 

Hilton Head Island

(dolphin tail)

(our alligator friend)

Day Trip to Savannah, GA


  1. I loved all the photos of the trip, you really caught the laid back southern feel of Savannah. What a beautiful city and the architecture is so amazing. All of it was fun.
    We should investigate local biking trails and make it a fall activity, good exercise and good laughs too! I'll look into it! Great pics all around!! So glad you enjoyed the trip!
    Jane P>

  2. Jane, I agree. We should definitely check out the local bike trails. What great exercise that would be!


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