Winter Projects

For the holidays, I used my Cricut to create personalized Christmas gifts. You might remember my previous post on how I used my Cricut to create vinyl quotes for my home.

This year, I absolutely loved finding the perfect present and monogramming it for my family and friends.  Here are some of my final products...

I created this reusable shopping tote for some friends at work. This is the tote I made for Shannon. I think it turned out beautifully! I love how well the pink pops on the black and white background.

Below is the serving set I designed for the Petracco family. This was a big hit and definitely a project I will do again. I created a glass for each family member. (Please excuse the dimly lighted photo.)

Here are some matching western pilsner glasses I created for my sister and her fiance. Instead of polka dots, I covered the glasses in small horses and then added their names for a personalized touch.

I created so many more items this Christmas, but unfortunately, did not take pictures of them. I definitely will in the future though. I promise to bring you higher quality photos that better showcase the products.

The NEXT project... personalized Easter buckets. Custom orders available. Pictures to come!

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