Kitchen Inspiration

This year I began subscribing to Country Living Magazine. With my Kentucky background and family's love for horses, I have always gravitate towards the southern living lifestyle. The below image arrived in my email inbox as part of a Country Living message. I absolutely loved it! I think it was tin and wood mixture as well as the traditional American feel that drew me to it.

Here are some other kitchen images that inspire me...

Everyone who knows me or who has visited my house and seen the decorative peacock in my living room.  Funny how one turned up in this kitchen too.  I also love the chandelier here. This photo shows how you can mix glam and traditional wood for an elegant setting.

This one definitely says "I love the outdoors."  I know my mom would LOVE this kitchen!

What girl wouldn't love a pink refrigerator? How shabby chic this kitchen is.

Love this sink! How unexpected.

all photos from Country Living

I highly recommend Country Living to anyone with the love for the south. It is a definite joy that I look forward to every month.

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