A "Wild One" First Birthday Party

I'm finally back with photos from my sweet boy's first birthday. We celebrated this milestone with a "Wild One" theme. I really wanted to incorporate his teepee from Land of Nod, and frankly, I was always a Pocahontas fan, so I figured this was a good manly spin-off.

If you've browsed Pinterest or Etsy lately, you know there is inspiration galore out there for the "Wild One" theme. Even though this is super popular, I was okay with it. For this party, I decided to house most of the decor in our sunroom, removing our regular dining table and setting up a collection of folding tables to display the food buffet. I think the best item I purchased was a wooden panel from Home Depot. It was a whopping $18 and created a great backdrop for the main display.

I also ended up finding a lot of other great accent pieces at Hobby Lobby (signage and decor) and IKEA (the tablecloths, which are affordable curtain panels - only $12.99 a pair).

I initially planned to order a whole bunch of things off of Etsy, but then discovered that Hobby Lobby had an entire "Wild One" section, which just so happened to be in the right color scheme. For example, the cupcake toppers are from Hobby Lobby for just a few bucks.

When it comes to dessert, I like to do the high/low game. I go high-end with amazing cookies from Spoonful of Sugar Cookies and mix those with store-bought cupcakes and easy s'more treats. (If you are local and interested in custom cookies, you'll have to check out the full gallery of options here.)

The party was from 2 to 5 p.m., so we got away with doing smaller scale finger foods and snacks. I found several ideas for Native American-inspired foods on Pinterest, like Sun Chips, rainbow trout (aka rainbow Goldfish), trail mix, beef jerky, teepee sandwiches and freshly picked berries. 

Believe it or not, we made it 12 months without a high chair. I knew I needed one for his party though, so I picked one up for about $20 at IKEA and added some flair. I once saw a blogger transform this high chair for a little girl, but who's to say I couldn't do something similar for a little boy? I spray painted the legs gold and ordered a vinyl monogram off Etsy for a few bucks. Then I ordered a banner from Pretty Little Clippie on Etsy to top it off.

It was the perfect place for singing "Happy Birthday," and for my boy to sit and have a few birthday treats.

I pulled out random vases and chalkboard signs I had in the party pantry to make centerpieces. And instead of buying flowers, I clipped some foliage from the backyard.

As an activity, we had "make your own headdress" and coloring stations.

Did I mention this was a two-day event? We had family on Saturday and friends on Sunday. For my cousins who are all older, I did bags of trail mix as favors. For our friends' kids, we put together packages of Mum-Mums for the babies, and coloring pages, Goldfish crackers and teal candy for the older kids.

Well that's a wrap on my baby's first birthday. I can't believe how quickly it has come and gone. A special thanks to Steve with Brookside Photography for capturing my son's big day!

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