Beyond the obvious, 10 tools for new moms

I admit it. I was the girl at the baby shower who brought the cutesy outfits and monogrammed bib. Then the tables turned. I was expecting my first baby and quickly realized I needed practical items...many of which I didn't even know I needed. Yikes!

I instantly felt like a bad gift-giver, because I had been giving people the things they actually like to spend their own money, not the practical things they needed. Think about it. As a new mom, aren't you excited to buy cute clothes and accessories? But, you're not excited when you realize how many practical things you need, and those things, my friend, aren't fun to spend your money on.

The items above ended up being godsends. They're items that make my life as a mom easier, especially as I try to master the parenting game. Some are unexpected. Some are a little more typical, but the brand or texture truly made a difference to me.
  • Rosie Pope Blankets - We keep two of these in our diaper bag. They're small enough that they don't take up much room, but large enough to throw over the car seat as a protector from the rain, wind, etc. Rosie Pope has the cutest line of baby clothes and accessories. I absolutely adore the blankets we have and have given her flamingo bibs and burp cloths as gifts. (For the record, bibs and burp cloths are practical items. I didn't have nearly enough when our sweet boy was born. Can you ever have enough bibs or burp cloths? I think not.)
  • Fischer-Price Rock-n-play Sleeper - I had no idea I needed this specific model. My friend, (a seasoned mother herself) actually pointed out that I wouldn't be happy with the brand/model I originally selected. She said, "You need to take that back immediately. I promise you'll thank me later." She was right. I purchased the same model she had and have to say this is the most useful piece of gear we own. The difference between this model and others is the fact that this one rocks itself. Most vibrate, but require you to physically rock the sleeper yourself. This one does it all! It rocks, vibrants and plays several different white noise sounds.
  • Baby Saline Spray - Our sweet boy was so stuffed up during his first few months. Listening to him try to breathe was awful. It even affected his eating. We used this spray often.
  • Nose Frieda - My husband still thinks this is gross. Essentially, you use a tube (a sanitary tube) to suck snot out of your child's nose. Crazy, I know, but it works. It's not cheap either, but is worth the investment when clearing your child's nasal buildup.
  • IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit - Seriously, this is the best addition to your child's closet! Depending on the size of the closet, use it horizontal as a side board to create storage and an extra surface space, or use it vertical as a standard bookcase.
  • Babies-R-Us 2-in-1 Activity Walker - We just ordered this during a sale and only ended up paying $25 for it. It's been perfect for our five-month old, who is not content just hanging out in the sleeper anymore. He wants to move. This walker is adjustable, so you can set it at the perfect height for your little one.
  • OXO No-spill Formula Dispenser - I started out breastfeeding and eventually switched to formula. I had no idea this handy container existed. I was just carrying around a full canister until my best friend suggested this small dispenser.
  • IKEA Drawer Storage Organizer Bins - Seriously, get these. Get one set for each of your dresser drawers. You'll thank me later. They're perfect for organizing socks, bibs, pacifiers, clothes by name it! 
Seasoned mommas - What are your go-tos?

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