Entering nesting mode

Dear blogging friends and avid readers,

As we approach the due date for our first child, I've decided to take a little blogcation. I would like to take the remaining two months before our new baby boy arrives to spend quality time with this handsome guy and prepare our house and the nursery.

While my pregnancy has been a smooth ride, I honestly feel like a slacker. I'm typically a planner in all aspects of my life, but with this baby, I've ironically been so laid back. I haven't done a ton, except go to my doctor's appointments, read my BabyCenter emails and ponder name options.

That's why I feel it's now time to shift focus from other personal priorities (like blogging) to getting ready for our next adventure, so the next two months will be all about preparing for Baby P.

Not having to worry about developing and photographing new content for the blog will be a relief. I'll still periodically post to social media, so you can follow along with updates and inspiration, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

I thank you for following along for the last five and half years and hope you'll bear with me as a take a little time off. I do promise to share Baby P's southern gentleman-themed nursery when it's complete.

Happy 2016, my friends. May it be filled with joy and many personal victories!

(Photos by our dear friend, Steve from Brookside Photography)

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