A housewarming gift for my SIL

My sister-in-law Laura recently moved into her very own apartment. Of course, I can't wait to help her decorate, but in the meantime, I thought I would send over a little pack of goodies to make the place feel a little more homey.

I threw in some of my favorite items that can quickly add personality and spunk to a space:
  • Inspirational art for this ambitious girl 
  • Polka dot straws (for decoration or entertaining)
  • A signature scent
  • The "L" to make her mark
  • Some Kentucky pride

My best gift basket advice: tinsel goes a long way in making things look festive. Buy tinsel by the bag at the dollar store and go to town! I always have some stashed away in my wrapping closet.

I must admit the Kentucky "y'all" towel I picked up from the City Flea was my favorite find for this basket.

We're also big supporters of hand soap from Bath & Body Works. My husband and I get caught up in all of the scents. For this occasion, I opted for a universal scent, instead of a seasonal one. I figured Laura could use it right away or stash it for later.

I love pulling together little surprises like this, because, "Who doesn't love unexpected goodies?"

What are your favorite treats to include in a housewarming gift?


  1. Love this! Peach Bellini is one of my fave BBW scents (currently using Eucalyptus Mint) and that towel is just DARLING!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm crushing on that towel too.

      You're right...Peach Bellini is a great all-time scent. I also get sucked into Caribbean Breeze, especially in the small antibacterial bottle. When I use, people always stop and ask me what smells so good!

  2. This is so cute! I love the gold and black theme.


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