Your Guide to Dillard's Biggest Sale of the Year

I first wrote this piece for Fort Thomas Matters last year and it went over well, so I thought I would share it with you. After all, who doesn't love a great sale?

I must tell you…The best sale to hit town will happen in just a couple days! I stumbled across this sale several years ago and must say it is one that rocks my world. On New Year's day, all
 Dillard's stores offer 50% off everything that is already marked down, which is basically most things in the store. As you know, all stores discount their holiday decorations, winter clothes and boots after Christmas day. Compound these savings with an extra 50% off the clearance price and you have the jackpot! Dillard's is basically giving things away.

Here are my tips for acing this sale:

  • Arrive early - The stores open at 10 am. If you want a decent parking spot, arrive by 9:30 am. I was surprised to see so many people there so early, especially last year.
  • Hit the handbag section first - Don't expect to score a large, high-end handbag (e.g., Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke or Brahmin) unless you're willing to arrive by 8:30 or 9 am and stand outside the door for an hour so you can be the first one in the handbag department. I have seen these people in action and am convinced they grab five handbags each and sell them on ebay. You can expect to score smaller name brand items such as wristlets and other accessories though. Those are typically not the first things to go. They will most likely be around until 10:30. Fossil, Vera Bradley, Kate Landry and Vince Camuto bags will also be available a little longer. I have found that Kate Landry and Vince Camuto make gorgeous handbags, clutches and wallets.
  • Hit the shoe department second - Like handbags, this department will be a zoo, but for great reason. The prices are ridiculously cheap! You can pick up high-end boots for under $50.
  • Hit the seasonal section third - If you need holiday or winter decor, you can pick up items for pennies. Think ornaments, holiday plates, fur blankets and gift sets. All of these items are beyond cheap. While you're in the home store, also check out the luggage and bed and bath areas. You'll see great deals there too.
  • Sneak back to your car to store your bags - I promise…your arms will get tired fast. Go put your bags in the car and head back inside the store. The home department at my Dillard's will even take boxes of your purchases to the back dock for you. You can then load your purchases into your car from there saving a lot of hassle.
  • Shop the clothes and jewelry departments last - These things will be less picked over. Enjoy time browsing the racks and take it easy. 

To give you an idea of the prices you can expect, here's a list of the deals I scored the last couple years:

  • Lucky Brand Booties - $35
  • Jessica Simpson Handbag - $35
  • Fossil Clutch - $33
  • Christmas decorations - Almost everything I bought was under $5. In fact, most of the ornament on my Christmas tree this year came from there.
  • Earrings - $2.50
  • Vera Bradley Keychain ID Pouch - $4
  • Huge Statement Necklace - $8
  • Men's Nike Hoodie - $17
  • Kate Landry Tote Bag - $20
  • Men's Sperry Top-Sider Dress Shoes - $33 
  • Jessica Simpson Flat Riding Boots - $44

If you are looking for great deals, this is the sale for you! It will be crowded, but is totally worth it. 

Happy shopping, my friends!

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