WeWork: Touring Our Creative Meeting Space

Sarah from WeWork, a community of creators who believe in beautiful workspaces, recently reached out to me about my work environment. Since I absolutely adore the space I work in, I was thrilled to share more with her, her team and you!  

While this is not the environment in which I write my weekly Simply Sarah Style posts, it is the place I work at every day as an Account Executive for Copperfox Marketing

We created this unique environment, outfitted in bold colors and one of a kind furnishing, as a creative meeting space for our team and clients. Since this is an extension of individual offices, we rent this area to other corporations hoping to break out of the boardroom and try something a little different for their annual meetings, work sessions and trainings. 

The vibrant space features multiple breakout rooms to accommodate small group brainstorms and even moveable dry-erase walls, perfect for ideation sessions.

What is nice about this space is that we can move furniture to accommodate multiple purposes. Is it a presentation that needs to be projected for guests? Is it a hardcore work session where everyone needs surface space for their laptops? Is it professional cocktail hour? Regardless of the need, this space is a workhorse. 

We even have a small room we call "the vault," which has a huge door that encloses the area below.

We also have kitchenette filled with all the necessities - a kegerator, a wine collection and multiple serving sets - perfect for any entertaining need.

If you aren't completely sold on the space, you should check out the patio. Floral planters line our outdoor area creating a sense of privacy. They also serve as a beautiful distraction making you forget you're at work.

When it comes to work spaces, it doesn't get much better. The space that surrounds us every day is invigorating and inspiring.

I guess my only wish list item for this workspace is free lunch every day...A girl can dream, can't she?

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