Statement Chair with One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane asked if I would be interested in exploring their new Home Decor Resource as a way to learn more about my personal favorite statement chair. This new resource was created to inspire and educate home decor enthusiasts when purchasing and reupholstering the perfect statement chair.

My beloved chair currently serves as an accent piece in our guest bedroom. I bought it when I first purchased my condo. I went into the furniture store looking for a couch and came out with this beauty. Since it was the right price, I couldn't resist it. I loved its shape and the detail in the lines. Notice the back and arms display a gorgeous scrolling pattern while the legs are shaped in a fluted column.

While I wasn't able to find an exact match to my chair on One Kings Lane's resource, I was able to identify some of the characteristics.

Find Your Personal Chair Style

One Kings Lane offers a fun quiz that helps you identify your personal chair style. Click here to find out which chair suits you. After taking this little quiz, I think I'm digging the Marais Chair.

While browsing their site, I also found chairs I love here, here, here and here.

What does your chair say about you?

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  1. So pretty, Sarah! I love that detail on the back! I noticed your book - we have the Daring Book for Boys! :)


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