A Blogcation

My dear blogger friends - I have decided to take a little break from Simply Sarah Style. I'm going on a blog vacation to focus on wedding planning. While I enjoy sharing all my thoughts on here, I sometimes feel I let people down if I unable to blog daily due to other obligations. Therefore, I thought I would take a little time off.

Until next time, my loves!


  1. I will miss your updates but I completely understand the need to just focus on wedding plans!!

    I will say that don't ever feel compelled to blog daily!! It gets to be a burden sometimes when it's meant to be fun!! Even if you changed your schedule to once or twice a week I'd still be a fan!! :)

    But, enjoy this time of wedding plans!! You'll be missed but your updates when you are back will be fun!! :)

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Go check it out! :) xx

    -Lanie @ SouthernPreppyChic.blogspot.com

  3. good luck with everything!!


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