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If you a regular reader of Simply Sarah Style, you know that this is a lifestyle blog. Unlike other bloggers who focus on one topic such as daily outfits, DIY projects or recipes, I blog about it all.  Anything that inspires me is fair game.  Simply Sarah Style has truly become a catalog of the ideas I come across while surfing the web or projects or parties I have crafted. Blogging was the perfect way for me to keep track of fabulous findings.  

Now I have a new addiction:  This website basically serves my need to preserve ideas and record accomplished projects. I do have to admit... I was a little late getting on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I had heard about this website for quite awhile before I decided to fully explore it after hearing reviews from a colleague and a friend.  Since joining about a month ago, I can't stop "pinning."

WHAT PINTEREST IS LIKE provides you with an electronic space to preserve photos that are accompanied with links to the website the photos came from.  Whether it is a project idea you like, a shirt you would like to buy, a painting you love or a recipe you would like to make, you can choose to "pin" the graphic to one of your electronic boards.  You create what I think of as "bulletin boards" based on your personal interests.  For example, I have boards on the following topics:
  • Wedding and Event Inspiration
  • Holidays
  • Food
  • Gift Ideas
  • My Style 
  • For the Home
  • Photography
  • Household Tips 
  • Etc....

To explain how "pinning" on Pinterest works, I ask you to think of your Facebook account. When you first log in, you see a "news feed" of information from people you are following (similar to "friends").  This news feed outlines photos of items people that you follow have recently "pinned."  By scrolling through this live feed, you can decide what items you would like to pin to your personal boards. When you like an item and choose to click on the "pin" button, you will get a box that pops up listing  your boards for selection like this: 

You can also find items to pin by typing key words into the search box. For example, I recently typed in "thank you gift" to get some ideas.  In return, 209,496 photos of items with "thank you gift" in the caption showed up. 

Pinterest also allows you to install a pinning button into your browser bar.  By clicking on this button, you can pin any photo that appears on a webpage to one of your boards without even leaving the webpage to log into Pinterest.  What an amazing feature!  This allows for saved time and further sharing of great ideas. Here is what the screen looks like click on the button in your browser bar to "pin" a graphic from an outside site:

The Pinterest website also allows you to share boards with your friends.  For example, my friend, Lindsey, provided me access to her "Brooklyn" board in order to allow me to pin  great little girl ideas.

Overall, I LOVE Pinterest. It is addicting and a wonderful tool for organizing your ideas visually.  In closing,  here are a few interesting Halloween ideas I've found using Pinterest. 


Decorating a pumpkin with "puffy" paint
Front Porch Halloween Decor
Halloween Candy Skewers
Pumpkin Drink Tub - How inventive!  
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
If you are already on Pinterest and love posts on style, DIY project, party planning and recipes, follow me by clicking here.  If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, I'm going to apologize in advance for starting an addiction, but please feel free to jump on Pinterest bandwagon and follow me too.

Happy pinning!

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