The Birthday Wish List

We went out to celebrate one of my dearest, oldest friend's birthdays last night.  Lauren turned 27 years old yesterday which means there is exactly one month until my birthday.  While I am on a mission to be a frugualista these days, I can't help but dream of wonderful birthday treasures.  I have narrowed my list down to things I have either wanted forever or have found a new need for. I may just treat myself to one or more of these items next month.

Here is THE LIST:

  • An IKEA Mirror like seen on Young House Love in Sherry and John's house here. (I have actually wanted this for two years now, but haven't broken down and spent the $100 on it.)

  • new rug for my hallway

  • A laptop (This want/need is long overdue.)

  • New pretty/cute/cool kitchen dish towel(Everyone needs these, right?)

  • lantern to hang off a hook in my living room like seen in the Pottery Barn catalog here.

  • I feel in love with this basket purse while putting together this collage.  It is not a necessity, but it is adorable and affordable.

  • TOMS shoes - I hear these are so comfy!

  • fedora hat - Perfect for summer time!

  • floppy sun hat for the pool

  • Colored skinny belts - perfect for putting some personality in my workplace attire!

  • Another pair of Sperrys - These metallic ones have caught my eye for a while.
Birthday Countdown

Chores Chart Dish Towel in Red
$13 -

Chores Chart Dish Towel in Blue
$13 -

TOMS glitter shoes
$54 -

Sperry twisted shoes
$75 -

Vintage bag
$30 -

Beanie hat
$13 -

Beach hat
$17 -

Zara belt
$16 -

Dorothy Perkins orange belt
£6 -

$80 -

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  1. LOVE the glitter TOMS! Need to get those asap. Following your blog now!!

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries


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