A Simple Step to Clear Kitchen Clutter

Whew. The Christmas decorations are now put away and the house feels quiet and simple again. Taking away the holiday layers really opened my eyes to all the projects I want to complete.

An organizing project high on my to-do list: find a way to keep our kitchen island clear of clutter.

While browsing another blog, I noticed this gold Nate Berkus magazine rack. I instantly knew this bin could provide a visually appealing solution to our kitchen pileup (magazines, mail, bills, etc.).

I used my mini alphabet stamp kit from Michael's dollar section to label the bin - mostly as a visual reminder for my husband. I'm hoping this bin screams "put the mail here" instead of "throw the mail and miscellaneous paperwork wherever you want." Ha!

During my time off work over break, I've had an opportunity to sort through all our mail and paper pileup, so we're starting with an empty bin. Here's to simple solutions for helping us all stay a bit more organized and tidy this year!

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