Customizing a Retirement Gift

I never thought this day would come, but my mom has retired after 24 years at a local university. I knew I would be throwing her a retirement party, so my budget for a gift would be limited.  

Retirement party decor and menu planning details to come soon!

After serious thought, I decided on a hobby-themed basket. My mom has been telling people that she can't wait do some "flea marketing" and turn trash into treasure. I know she is also looking forward to cleaning out her own home and hosting a couple sales of her own. With that in mind, here's the helpful basket I put together...

I set out to the local bookstore and stocked up on some great flea market resources. I ended up purchasing the following: 

According to Lara Spencer and her book, I Brake for Yard Sales, having the antibacterial, nutrition bar and notepad are must-haves to help you get through a full day of flea-marketing. This book has great tips for scoring the best price, getting a good selection and deciding what pieces have strong bones for a second life. She also shares the differences between yard sales, flea markets and estate sales... all of which is good to know. If you're looking for a good read, I definitely recommend this one! 

Combine these items with a cutesy bucket (from the Christmas Tree Shop) and crinkle paper (from the dollar store) and you have a fun and fabulous gift! Quick tip: Always, always, always buy crinkle paper from the dollar store. I get so mad when other places charge $2 to $4 for the exact same thing.

No matter what your retiree enjoys, grab a bucket and go to town. I promise it will be more memorable than the typical gift card. Plus, it will look oh so lovely sitting on the party gift table!

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  1. What a lovely, thoughtful gift Sarah! I hope your Mama is enjoying her retirement. Love, Love, Love the new blog design! :)


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